Gene Editing and AI Can Build New Generation of Low-Cost Health Solutions, Bill Gates Says

Bill Gates calls for reducing health care inequities in a AAAS Annual Meeting plenary address. The number of child deaths around the world has declined by half in the past two decades, but that number could be cut even further with the help of artificial intelligence and gene editing tools, said Bill Gates at the

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International Space Station Bioprinting facility receives a 3D Printed upgrade

A payload containing 3D printed supplies for the 3D BioFabrication Facility (BFF) has arrived on board the International Space Station (ISS) docked 248 miles above the Earth’s surface. The cargo contained samples of human cells, bio-inks, and a set of new 3D printed ceramic fluid manifolds to replace the previously used printed polymers. The new ceramic manifolds,

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3D tumour modelling steps up battle against cancer. An EU-funded project of Minho University

An EU-funded project is developing innovative ways to mimic the micro-environment that cancer cells encounter inside the human body. The creation of artificial 3D tumour models could pave the way for more accurate testing of cancer drugs and ultimately lead to better treatments. Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide and, despite many

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Rice University bioengineers 3D-print grooved implants to seed multiple layers of tissue

Grooves hold promise for sophisticated healing The Rice University team led by Antonios Mikos says otherwise with its development of a groovy method to seed sophisticated, 3D-printed tissue-engineering scaffolds with living cells to help heal injuries. The researchers are literally carving grooves into plastic threads used to build the scaffolds. The grooves are then seeded with cells

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The Lancet Digital Health: Real-time flu prediction may be possible using wearable heart rate and sleep tracking devices

First study to evaluate de-identified data from wearable devices on resting heart rate and sleep finds improved real-time prediction of influenza-like illness in 5 US states compared to current surveillance methods The research, published in The Lancet Digital Health journal, demonstrates the potential of data from wearable devices to improve surveillance of infectious disease. Resting heart rate

Read More App: Detecting Vital Signs Through Video of a Person’s Face. FDA approval required

First-of-its-kind digital health application debuts at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 and receives Innovation Award, a provider of general health and wellness monitoring tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI), announced today the official launch of its contactless, video-based vital signs monitoring application. leverages AI, signal processing and machine vision capabilities to extract vital

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