Archives: 2020-04-02

To counter COVID-19 misinformation, USC expert backs new approach to science learning

New research from USC Rossier aims to combat rampant misinformation on subjects like the coronavirus and climate change. In the early days of the novel coronavirus’ spread through the United States, misinformation spread alongside it. From presidential news conferences to every nook of social media, COVID-19 misinformation has been rampant. This has led to the

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Controlling Covid-19 using a mobile app to trace close proximity contacts

A team of medical researchers and bioethicists at Oxford University has published results in Science that furthers  understanding of Covid-19 transmission. The evidence is enabling several international partners, including the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) and NHSX, a joint unit comprised of teams from NHS England and the UK’s Department of Health & Social Care, to assess the

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Bodysphere announced its Two-Minute Serological Test Kit to Detect Covid-19 authorized by FDA, but was false

BODYSPHERE announced today they are distributing a new Two-Minute Testing Kit for the diagnosis of the COVID-19 following the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Emergency Use Authorization for the test which uses antibodies in blood to test for current or past infection. The following statement was denied by the FDA confirmation that no such

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