Advanced Therapies are new treatment modalities (e.g. cell and gene therapy, tissue engineering) that aim to consign the never-ending treatment of chronic ailments to the past and instead offer sustained improvement and even cures. To enable Europe to become a competitive leader in this field, RESTORE is defining an Advanced Therapies roadmap 2021-2030 for Europe.

At its core the transformational aspiration of RESTORE is addressing pressing healthcare challenges for patients, hospitals and society, spanning disciplines, leveraging sound science and communicating transparently. The European Commission funds RESTORE for one year to fully develop the roadmap as the basis for a Large-Scale Research Initiative.

The RESTORE core team and its supporters will hold their kick-off meeting on 6/7 May 2019 in Berlin, Germany, where they will be analysing bottlenecks, proposing solutions and ways to implement them. It is a team effort that is carried by RESTORE’s many supporters who have given endorsements and are recognising that the timing is propitious, that concerted action is needed and that collaboration is the way forward for success in Europe and beyond.

Let’s make the promise of Advanced Therapies become a reality: The future begins today.

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