EU should take a lead in enforcing the corporate social responsibility of gene therapy manufacturers. Viewpoint of Prof. Michel Goldman

After decades of research – much of it funded by the public – gene therapy is a reality. Now high costs are blocking patient access. Prices should be constrained Source Science Business Gene therapy is providing unprecedented hope for growing numbers of patients and families. This game changer in medicine restores vision in babies born

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RESTORE: Finding cures for the incurable

Advanced therapies are no longer the stuff of science fiction. Martin Banks reports on the regenerative therapies often referred to as “living drugs” and the hurdles currently impeding their availability in Europe. Source The Parliament Magazine The increasing prevalence of chronic diseases in Europe represents a high social and economic burden. Direct healthcare costs soared by

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RESTORE 1st Advanced Therapies Science Meeting 25th-26th November 2019, Berlin

RESTORE-Health by Advanced Therapies invites you to join the First Advanced Therapies Science Meeting (ATSM), an EACCME® accredited event, which will be held at the Maritim Hotel, Stauffenbergstraße in Berlin from the 25th – 26th November 2019. Advanced Therapies are one of the most recent and significant advances in medicine. They include gene and cell

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RESTORE Large Scale Research Initiative community presents 1st Advanced Therapies Science Meeting (1st ATSM) in Berlin, 25-26 November 2019

What are the research challenges slowing development of curative treatments and what are the roadblocks for the wider adoption of Advanced Therapies in clinical routine? Join the conversation at the1st Advanced Therapies Science Meeting (1st ATSM)in Berlin, 25-26 November 2019 to explore the latest trends in the field and to discuss the Advanced Therapies Roadmap 2030 that

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Future and Emerging Technologies Flagships and Large Research Initiatives

European Commission, Digital Single Market has published a new Factsheet/Infographic on FET Flagships and Large Research Initiative. These visionary, long-term, large-scale research initiatives address major science and technology challenges in Europe. They involve hundreds of research teams with the aim of boosting the EU’s scientific and industrial landscape.

Gene Therapy: How ‘Advanced’ is Europe?

Chronicling the EU’s past struggles and new efforts in promoting gene therapies, known in Europe as advanced therapy medicinal products In Europe, legislation relating to medicines based on genes, tissues, or cells dates back nearly 20 years, and was reinforced by specific European Union regulation that came fully into effect nearly a decade ago—but still today

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Masters of Science (MSc) degree in ATMPs has opened to enrolment at the University of Manchester

Under the guidance of the iMATCH team,  a new Masters of Science (MSc) degree in Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) has opened to enrolment at the University of Manchester. This course is believed to be a world first focussing on this rapidly evolving area of medicine which is increasingly being used to treat a broad

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Global Innovation Index 2019: the future for medical innovation. RESTORE community topics at the tops

The World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO, named Switzerland as the world’s most innovative country on Wednesday, during the launch of its latest Global Innovation Index, (GII) in the Indian capital New Delhi. Following Switzerland in the rankings are Sweden, the United States, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. India has risen most in the rankings since

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RESTORE Large Scale Research Initiative presents 1st Advanced Therapies Science Meeting

Shifting from treating symptoms to curing chronic diseases by making the transformative promise of Advanced Therapies a reality for the benefit of patients, that is the vision of the international project RESTORE Health by Advanced Therapies. For genetic diseases, immune diseases, cancer and tissue injury potential cures through Advanced Therapies exist – they are reality,

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Europe urged to adapt faster to gene therapy challenges

Resistance to high prices, even with novel payment models Europe’s leading nations should commit to a rapid overhaul of health technology assessment (HTA) and bold initiatives such as new pan-European real world evidence (RWE) frameworks, in order to nurture the nascent cell and gene therapy revolution in the region. That is the conclusion of a

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