Shifting from treating symptoms to curing chronic diseases by making the transformative promise of Advanced Therapies a reality for the benefit of patients, that is the vision of the international project RESTORE Health by Advanced Therapies.

For genetic diseases, immune diseases, cancer and tissue injury potential cures through Advanced Therapies exist – they are reality, not fiction. Several products have entered the market, most of them addressing diseases, which means only a few thousand patients worldwide have benefitted from Advanced Therapies until now.

What are the research challenges slowing development of curative treatments and what are the roadblocks for the wider adoption of Advanced Therapies in clinical routine?

Join the conversation at the Advanced Therapies Science Meeting (ATSM) in Berlin, 25-26 November 2019.

“Living drugs” are a disruptive innovation that challenges the tried and tested paradigms of modern drug development, clinical implementation and collaboration across disciplines (Fig. 1).

“Living Drugs” are a disruptive innovation with enormous potential for clinical
impact challenging familiar paradigms in drug development.

Scientific challenges abound, the pace of technological development runs into the sluggish clinical and regulatory framework – that’s normality at the advent of such a trailblazing change: All recently approved Advanced Therapy products required a long (>20 years) and costly added-value chain. The complexities of manufacturing and clinical development result in high product prices. To change that and make Advanced Therapies robust and faster available – that was the motivation to found RESTORE.

The RESTORE Core Team are a formidable group of 10 partners from academic centers and biotechs with excellent international reputation and a strong track record (Charité/BIH, Univ. Zurich, Catapult CGT, TissUse, Pluristem, Miltenyi Biotec, INSERM/Univ. Paris Saclay, InnActa, Fondazione Telethon, Univ. Minho). This Core Team and their more than 300 committed supporters from 26 countries (EUMS, EU-AC, USA, Singapore) form the RESTORE community.

RESTORE invites you to join the ATSM in Berlin to explore the latest trends in the field and to discuss the Advanced Therapies Roadmap 2030 that charts the course for the next decade is being developed by the RESTORE community in several working groups.

The packed ATSM will feature invited lectures, contributed talks and posters

Please visit the RESTORE website ( for more details on our activities

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