Large Scale Research Initiative RESTORE is a “place” where medicine, basic research, technology development and engineering meet, communicate and work together.

Advanced Therapies (Advanced Therapies Medicinal Products and Biologised Medical Devices – ATMP/bio-MD) are a potential game changer in health care: They aim to transform the current focus on “treatment of disease” into one that concentrates on “regeneration of health”. The unifying goal of RESTORE is the implementation of newly developed Advanced Therapies in clinical routine to improve patients´ outcome with high impact on Europe´s society and economy.

How to get there :

Establishing a well-funded consortium with long-term perspective that is backed-up by the interdisciplinary scientific community, relevant stakeholders, patient advocates and the public and embedded into international networks

Devising the strategic roadmap for the allocation of funds in order to make our vision come true

RESTORE consortium as the docking point for biotech/medtech/pharma industry and special interest funds

Implementing a governance that allows flexibility to respond to new trends and define key performance indicators and to engage at any time further scientists and stakeholders who can contribute significantly to the success of the mission

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