Dr. Pier Maria Fornasari is Scientific Director and CEO of REGENHEALTHSOLUTIONS.Degree in Medicine and Surgery, specialized in Internal Medicine, Clinic and Laboratory Haematology, Anaesthesiology and Health Statistics. Since 1976 researcher at the University of Pavia on extracorporeal blood manipulation in critical patients. Since 1995 to 2015, Director of the Transfusion Medicine/ Musculoskeletal Cell and Tissue Bank of the Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute in Bologna.Since 2010 Scientific Director of the Prometeo Lab in RIT Technopole of IOR.Since 2013 Scientific Director of Project IRMI (Italian Infrastructure of Regenerative Medicine), project funded with 10 milion euros by Italian Ministry of research in Alisei Cluster of Life Science.Consultant of EMA on Advanced Therapies.Expert in cell and tissue banking organization and cGTP, cGMP e cGCP regulations. Expert in  regional, italian and european research projects on industrial innovation in biotechnology.In 2015 founder of REGENHEALTHSOLUTIONS.

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