Integrated analysis revealed a positive correlation of coagulopathy with
cytokine storm in COVID-19-infected patients; the D-dimer rises early, which indicates that coagulopathy acts as a prodrome of cytokine storm. Coagulopathy can be used to monitor early cytokine storm in COVID-19-infected patients.

Coagulopathy appeared around a few days in advance of a cytokine storm. It was also observed moderate correlations of D-dimer with NLR, IL-6 levels, and CT imaging of the lungs in COVID-19-infected patients.

D-dimer was reported to correlate with proinflammatory cytokine levels and outcomes in critically ill patients and these data might further advance knowledge of the correlation of coagulopathy and cytokines in human diseases.

The D-dimer surge, which is more sensitive than measuring
cytokines, might be used to predict a cytokine storm in COVID19-infected patients. This study indicated the critical clinical value of coagulopathy monitoring and the early requirement of an anti-coagulant therapy to prevent a cytokine storm in COVID-19-infected patients.

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