Deep Pharma Intelligence released a special 115-page analytical report Cell Therapies In Healthcare Landscape Overview 2021 (Stem Cells and CAR-Ts), which is the first comprehensive and systematic overview of cell therapies landscape by the company. This report is specifically focused on Stem Cell therapies and Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapies, and it is the first edition in a series of reports covering the landscape of cell therapies and related technologies and products.

The main aim of this report is to profile an ecosystem of biotech companies and technology developers, applying advanced biology techniques, experimentation tools, and advanced data analytics technologies for creating state-of-the-art stem cell-based products and therapies, and for creating robust clinically efficient and personalized CAR-T therapies — two exciting and rapidly evolving areas of modern biotech.

Link to the report “Cell Therapies In Healthcare Landscape Overview 2021 (Stem Cells and CAR-Ts)” –

This report highlights 400 biotech companies and vendors, 200 biotech investors, and 15 pharma corporations active in the areas of stem cells research and CAR-T therapies, as well as selected R&D collaborations, funding rounds, research trends, industry trends, selected case studies, and other actionable insights about the industry.

With more than 100.000 research publications and above 1000 clinical trials taking place globally, the area of cell therapies research (stem cell and CAR-T) is steadily expanding in terms of new knowledge and understanding of fundamental biological processes associated with production and application of stem cells, CAR-T technologies, and other cell therapies in general. The area is characterized by a steady flow of scientific breakthroughs with high translational potential, which opens up a landscape of opportunities for prospective investors.

However, notwithstanding of substantial amount of clinical data showing relative safety and efficacy of cell therapies, related to stem cells and CAR-T, the overall presence of commercially available medical products and services is still rather limited, which is reflective of the fact that the market is in early days of development — with substantial growth potential overall.

Up to now, only 5 CAR-T therapies has been approved by FDA, including Abecma by Bluebird Bio and Bristol Myers Squibb, Tecartus™ by Kite Pharma, and others, as well as 19 Stem Cell products — all being blood-forming stem cells (also known as hematopoietic progenitor cells) that are derived from umbilical cord blood. These products are approved for use in patients with disorders that affect the production of blood.

The market of cell therapies is currently a growing opportunity for the private and institutional investors, and we expect the acceleration of funding inflow into the segments of stem cells and CAR-T technologies in the upcoming 2-5 years. Especially interesting opportunities emerge when companies develop specialized R&D platforms, capable of producing results with a wide variety of products and therapeutics areas.

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