Archives: 2024-02-20

Zilebesiran RNAi therapeutic lowers blood pressure for months

The results of a phase II study with the RNAi therapeutic zilebesiran have appeared in the specialist journal “JAMA”. Accordingly, injections of the drug every three or every six months lower blood pressure sustainably. Zilebesiran is a substance that exerts its pharmacological effect via RNA interference (RNAi) . The active ingredient is a short RNA section that, as small

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Simple Blood Protein Tests Predict Which Lymphoma Patients Are Most Likely to Have Poor CAR T Outcomes

International research team develops, validates approach for assessing and responding to elevated risk As new cancer treatments become available, some of the most important ongoing research must look at ways to optimize those new approaches so that more patients can benefit from groundbreaking therapies. In work newly published in Blood Cancer Discovery, a journal of the American Association

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