Archives: 2019-11-01

The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine Outlines Recommendations for Increasing the Number of European-Based ATMP Clinical Trials

Europe has become less competitive than other regions in attracting new ATMP clinical trials. Faster and more streamlined review processes for clinical trials by regulatory authorities are fundamental to increase clinical research and development in Europe. There is considerable country-to-country variability within Europe: the UK has the highest absolute number of new ATMP clinical trials,

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Data suggest gene, cell therapy trial initiations in Europe lag behind North America

Medical science has moved on from the one-size-fits-all approach to the era of personalized medicine. European authorities approved the world’s first-ever gene therapy — GSK’s Strimvelis, a treatment for an inordinately rare inherited disorder characterized by a ravaged immune system, in 2016. So far, the EMA has granted the greatest number of marketing authorizations for

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